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Scamp rentals

Hi there,

I have a Highlander hybrid with 3500lb towing limit. I have been eyeing the 16ft scamp but I want to rent one and check before buying it. Does anyone know of options in the southwest - la/lv/phx - area that I can try out. Basically looking for a trailer with a toilet/shower and hence not interested in the 13ft.


scamp01 (not verified)

The 13 ft can have a bath/shower. My 2016 13 ft scamp has a toilet/shower. It weighs less than 1500lbs.

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My 2017 deluxe weight

The last slide in this slide show is my Scamp 2017 16' Deluxe on the scale, as it came from the factory. Well with in your towing capacity. (gas tanks full, no water)

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13' Scamp

Hey there,

You can get the 13' with a wet bath.  I have one and I tow it with a 2009 Toyota Rav4 Limited w/a V6 & tow prep pkg that is rated to pull 3500 lbs.  Dry, my Scamp is about 1800 lbs with the options I've chosen.  I towed it home from MN to Washington, in July (HOT) AC blasting with zero problems. The options that I have that add the most weight to the Scamp are the AC unit,  dual propane tanks and the awning.

Hope this is helpful.






scamp01 (not verified)

You might also ask to just have a look at a scamp if you can't rent one. Also, call scamp up and ask them to send you a brochure as there are many options that can be added to a new scamp if you choose to go that way.

Jayco makes/made a 14 ft with a toilet/shower. Its dry weight is about 2200lbs. The only thing I like about that trailer is it has more ground clearance than the scamp. My dad has one. I have the scamp 13ft with a wet bath.