Keeping bunk up while traveling.

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Keeping bunk up while traveling.

Greetings all!

as I've learned what I dig about my 13'er, and travel either single or with a friend, I've decided the storage offered by the bunks is great. 
i use bottom for clothes and top for food containers.

i usually set the bunk up upon arrival at campsite, but want a solution to keeping it fixed in place most of the time, especially while traveling. I will not have gear in it while traveling but don't want the hassle of that part of set up each time.  

i have not yet figured out my solution the keeping the bunk up full time. I'm thinking maybe just a metal strip in booth upper leg fittings to keep it from moving. Is that enough do you think?

thanks in advance for ideas




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i have done 2 things and now

i have done 2 things and now keep it in "bunk mode" full time.


1.  I created a bed rail ( i have kids) from pvc piping, 2 elbows of 90* and one straight piece.  the regular bunk poles go into the pvc and it holds them in place so they aren't moving while traveling (the PVC are secured tightly together, so it is the mechanism that is securing the poles from wiggling around.


2. where the bunk poles contact the bunks there are (in my model) a screw on the bunk, and a metal hook from the bunk pole.  that's how standard attachment is done.  i have removed the screw, took a flat piece of metal that extends beyond the bunk hooks (so 2 inches length in total) and screwed that into the bunk/hook.  previously if bounced around the bunk could technically loose itself since it was just a screw head and that hook.  now i have screwed the screw and metal into the bunk whereby the metal covers the hook and holds it securly.  so basically the pole is now secured to the bunk.


with poles secured to the bunk, and poles secured to one another (with PVC), it doesn't move at all.  occasionally i'll check the little cups at the bottom and one pole will have popped out during travel and i'll put it back in but that's about it.

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Stuff bouncing around

I've just been reading some other threads where people point out that having your tires balanced can help prevent a lot of the bouncing around that jostles things inside the Scamp. I tried to get this done to my Scamp a couple years back and one tire shop guy told me it wasn't worth it for my "little trailer," that they never balance tires for trailers, but he would take my money if I insisted. "Do you believe everything you read on the internet??" said the officious know-it-all.

Don't let anybody tell you it doesn't help, there's ample testimony on these forums to say that it does make a difference. Even a huge difference.

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Tires are now balanced

When I picked up my 13' Scamp in April, I noticed that the tires had weights on the rims.  When I mentioned that to the lady who was giving me the orientation for my trailer, she said that the tires are being delivered to Scamp already balanced.  That saved me some time and money, because I would have taken the Scamp to a tire shop to have the tires balanced.

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Scamp isn't balancing tires/wheels however

Just wanted to say that your comment gave me lots of hope that when I took my Scamp to back to the factory today, to get the fridge seen to, I asked about some other small things including "how about balancing the tires." They don't do that at Scamp, so obviously I misunderstood. They are maybe getting the tires/wheels delivered already balanced, but it's not happening in Backus. Just so everyone knows. :) A trip to my local shop is on the agenda.