Installing PowerMax Converter

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Installing PowerMax Converter

I need some help.  The Magnatek converter on my 1992 16 ft Scamp gave up and I have purchased a PowerMax converter.  The old converter had a integral fuse block where the DC out wires attached.  There were separate connectors for the battery cables.  The Powermax converter has two connections (DC+ and DC-) I assume (danger) this is where the the positive and negative battery cables attach with the third wire going to the grounding lug on the converter.  My questions are where do the DC wires for lights, etc attach?  Do they go to the positive output or the negative output or does it matter?  Do I need to purchase a separate fuse block and how would I attach it to the PowerMax?  The ones I have looked at on Amazon have Positive and Negative terminals.  Would these attach to the Positive/Negative terminals on the PowerMax?  As you can see I am in over my head but I am hoping someone on this forum can straighten me out.  Thanks in advance.

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Definately requires a fuse block...

It definitely requires a fuse block, similar to the original setup, to protect the wiring and not create a fire hazard.  You can try looking at instructions for installing convertors and power panels (fuse panel) at manufacturer's web sites like Progressive Dynamics .  But if you're in over you're head, best to get someone qualified to help with eyes on the actual wiring.

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In older non converter trailers I use Blue Sea's 12 ckt. fuse block with ground connections. They are well laid out, has connections for your hot wires and grounds, and it is also fairly priced. I buy it from Amazon and in the description there is a wiring diagram. 

Eddie : Blue Sea Systems Fuse Block ST Blade 12 Circuit with Ground and Cover, 5026 : Fuse Block With Relay : Sports & Outdoors