Fall Camping in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

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Fall Camping in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Camping in September near Grand Marais, Michigan:  pictures here.

Camping in October at Muskallonge State Park, Michigan:  pictures here.

Hope you all have been able to have some good Fall camping time with your Scamps.  We hope to get out again before November.

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Yeap, our fall trip will be

Yeap, our fall trip will be tomorrow about noon.

Lily and I are going roughly 60 miles up the hill to one of my favorite campgrounds at a place called Clarks Fork.  This will most likely be our last time up there as it is beyond the winter closure point and I'm hoping for some major weather by the end of the month if not sooner.  Actually, we might get some rain tomorrow evening however it's not supposed to linger.

Hey, maybe there will be a dusting of snow up where we'll be, because we'll be high enough for much colder weather thus snow.  I'm not worried about it since it's only a possibility of the storm coming this far south and we aren't coming back until Friday so it would melt by then.

Any further fall/winter trips will have to be down the hill from here, the ocean sounds good to me.


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Clarks Fork

Looks like some gorgeous scenery.  I envy you the mountains.

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We stayed 3 nights in the U.P. on the way home with new Scamp

We stopped for three nights in the U.P on the way home from Bakus with our new Scamp.

First night was at  Michigamme Shores Campground and second in Munising.

Then nights 4 & 5 were in Macinac City at the campground with the bridge view.

We just made the first two before winter closing in October.

Guess next trip we will be heading south.

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