Hail damage

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Hail damage

The top of my scamp has a few small chips I believe from hail. I can see a tiny bit of fiberglass. Will it leak? How should I repair these.

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leak not

Unless the damage is deep it would likely not leak but it is possible the glass fibers could be porous enough to over time and freezing it could loose a bit of integrity. On boats made the same way as a scamp the coating you see is not paint but a two part product called Gel Coat. We have taped off the area and cleaned the wound and applied Gel coat to seal and protect. To match perfectly is nearly impossible  but someone here may have a better solution. 

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Since it is on the roof you

Since it is on the roof you could seal it with Capt.Trollys leak repair. A clear liquid that penetrates and seals small cracks it is used on boats.


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if you already have it, try a

if you already have it, try a little bit of lap sealant.  it self levels.  i used it to install my escape hatch and went a little too wild with the cutters and there were some scratches past the hatch.  i used that and haven't had any issues.

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Epoxy Paint

Eppibond (spelling?)is an Epoxy Primer used for aircraft construction.  It is a two part primer that is nearly white, with a slight warm tone.  From ten feet you would never notice the difference with the white gel coat.  It coats well with almost any paint once cured.  It is very durable.