Sanitize water tank and smelly water

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Sanitize water tank and smelly water

What the best thing to do for smelly water? And what's the mix of bleach to water for the 16 foot scamp water to sanitize?  Do you run it through the faucets after sanitizing or just drain the tank? 

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Sanitize Tanks

We put a cup of Bleach to a full water tank before any trip that we're going to use the onboard water. We run it for a bit to get it dispersed through all the lines including shower. We then leave it for about a week and tow the trailer for a bit back and forth from storage.  Drain and fill and drain about three times running the fresh water through all the lines. Final fill and go.

We don't use the onboard water for drinking or cooking, but bring large bottles for that.

Everyone probably has a different approach that will accomplish the same thing, but this is our approach.

If you have a water heater, there is quite a bit of maintenance that needs to be performed on that as well. Just did mine this weekend and it was bad, apparently had never been done. If you have a rotten egg smell, it is most likely the water heater and not the onboard tank.

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