First Post - New to me Scamp and some mod questions

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First Post - New to me Scamp and some mod questions

Hey all!

I got my new-to-me 13 ft 1988 Scamp last year and we've made some great modifications to it! New counter, new floors, cushions are currently being recovered, etc.

But we are stuck on two things main things:

1. A/C - Is there any good way to install a window A/C unit? I've searched all over the forums and have seen some references to it, but no clear directions.

2. New curtain rods and a shelf: Is there a way to install these? I have a small shelf I would like to put new the sink and this Scamp only has a couple of the original curtain rods. I had new curtains made, but I now have no idea how to put them up.

Any help would be appreciated! This is going to be my home-away-from-home throughout the art show season and I really want to make it comfortable!


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i have a 87 scamp 16 which is

i have a 87 scamp 16 which is very similar in era to yours.


1.  our models do not have a strong enough roof to put one up there.  they were placed in the bottom of the tall pantry/cabinet.  that is an option.  this summer i'm going to try and use a small window unit out the back window.  i will be using something like the below (not this exact one but similar) for the AC support.  i still need to figure out how to "seal" it in so bugs don't come inside and there aren't large gaps, but i'm sure it can be done.  lastly, there are small portable AC units you put on the floor you could try.


2. i believe the only way to install new rods is to create new holes which then means more areas for possible leaks.  if the old supports are still useable i would recommend using those and just buying some rods at lowes/home depot that will fit.

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Climate rite

We used a unit by Climate rite for last year and it has 2 - 3" tubes that bring the air in and out by making a slip in panel for the back window. I made a pedestal  that slipped in the rear bumper bike rack mount for it to sit on about as high as the spare tire. It works fine unless you are talking death valley heat. But even then when the sun went down it was enough. and when the weather cooled off it stayed home in the shed. as long as the roof vent was running it was good then 

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Curtain rods

The curtain rods that Scamp uses are quite standard and you should be able to find something similar at Home Depot, Walmart, etc or a RV parts store.  Try to find where the holes are for the original curtain rod mounts and use those holes or drill holes near them.  There should be something solid to screw into.  Take the screw out of one of the existing curtain rod mounts.  That will give you an idea of how long a screw to use.  I sometimes wrap tape around a drill bit corresponding to the length of the screw and then I don't drill too deeply.  There shouldn't be a risk of drilling through the fiberglass wall.