First Scamp Trip

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First Scamp Trip

Just a short one.  We stayed overnight at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois.  It was a little over halfway home for us from picking up our new (to us) 2013 13' Scamp in Indiana.  We drove back home to Wisconsin today.  I was pleasantly surprised how well I slept.  Mileage on my V6 Toyota Highlander dropped form 24 MPG towing nothing to 17 MPG towing the scamp.  It was a nice night to camp.

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Glad you enjoyed your first trip

I am glad that you enjoyed your first trip and wish you many more good ones.  Your drop in gas mileage seems about right.  My Dodge Durango AWD goes from about 24 mpg under ideal conditions to about 16 mpg pulling our 16-ft Deluxe.


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Congrats on the first trip! I love the picture! I have a Subaru Forester which gets about 26-28. Depending on the terrain, I usually get about 17 MPG towing the Scamp.