Black stuff on inside walls

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Black stuff on inside walls


We recently had our Scamp in Colorado. Partway into our journey we noticed that some black stuff had appeared on the oak-finished interior walls - some along the bottom of the fridge wall (exterior wall, not inside the fridge) that faces onto the Scamp entry and some on the strip of wood that is below the fridge. We tried to rub it off, thinking it was mold, but that didn't work. Any ideas what it might be and how to address it? Note: A day or two before this appeared we experienced what they call in Colorado a "graupel" storm, which was 20 minutes of heavy, wet hail. We have not idea if this contributed or not.

Thanks for any insights.

Patti, Scamp owner from Wisconsin

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Black Stuff

You don’t mention what you used to try and rub it off, so apologies if you tried something similar. I would get a scouring pad and some Bar Keepers Friend which is a very easy abrasive cleaner. Wood has some graining that makes getting stuff off a lil more difficult and this should get it.

Could be a black mold, and only a few molds are any health risk, but that would be pretty quick for that to develop. Not sure beyond that what it would be, but if it comes off good to go. Wouldn’t hurt to wipe it down with some chlorine wipes as well just in case.

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