Merry Christmas

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Greg A
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Merry Christmas

Wishing all our SOI members and their family's a safe and Merry Christmas!

That's a Molded Fiberglass sleigh.....


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Wonder if it is from a Boler mold too?

2019 Scamp 13 standard

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I don't know about the mold,

I don't know about the mold, but I really want to ask how to make such a collage to attach it to my website. Yeah, I didn't think it would take me this long to do that. But still, after almost 4 years I'd like to correct it too with questions and wishes for the year 2023. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm late...

Hoosier Scamper
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Merry Christmas too...

Mery Christmas and I hope all in the path of this holiday winter storm stay safe!


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Merry Christmas too... and again and to All

Please pause and remember the reason for celebrating, love.

For us, Christmas came early, a new 13' Scamp Deluxe A.  It is our 50th anniversary gift to ourselves.  Our anniversary is is next April.  It's better an early build rather than a late one.

BobH.    one of the Scamper Campers