Adding circulating fan to 19 delux bunk.

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Adding circulating fan to 19 delux bunk.

Earlier this summer I mentioned that I wanted to install a cooling fan for the bunk on our 19 deluxe,original thought was to use pvc pipe however with the offset due to the cabinet door was to much so I used fileable insulated duct witched turned out to be too much for the space., so I removed the insulation from the 4" flex duct. 


this shot shows position of the first hole fairly in line with discharge from the A/C.

The 4"vent cap needed to be trimmed so the square fan would fit in the round hole of the vent cap.


originally my intention was to locate the vent in the bunk area closer to the wall however this was not posable so I moved the light down and located the vent in the lights original position, using the power from the lamp to run the fan .


   The switch to turn and off the fan required a 3/4 hole in the bunk side and a 1' hole on the back side to allow the securement nut to go over the threads and secure it in place. Connecting the vent to the duct hose was a bit difficult but working it from side to side I was able to get it over the fan and secure it with a hose clamp



All large holes were cut using  a 4" hole saw and masking the wood before a cut was made, the computer fan runs so quiet that we dont know that it is on so we are doubble checking to see that we turn it off the next version should have a lighted switch to show that it is on.

total time was about 3 hours from start to finish. The vents were gotten at our local rv store but they were special order, Fan was gotten at a computer.outlet.

this mod really help lower the temp in the loft it takes about an hour to cool off the bunk area, it also helps with the heat but the heater shuts off and on so when the unit is not running it does cool down quick ( we sleep with the vent open )

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Cool Mod

Pardon the pun. Nice implementation and write up.

I'll add this to the Mods table of contents for future reference.

Nice work.

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Very nicely done

I had more of a problem with the heat not getting to the loft and my solution was two computer power supply fans, mounted in the same area as your duct intake, above the bathroom door. I decided not to use any ducting, we simply keep the storage space door open whenever we use heat. Even with stuff stored in there, the warm air makes it through and it does make a difference. The fans are turned on by a switch that makes on hot and is mounted on the furnace exhaust tube. It is one of the switches used on kick space heaters and turns on at about 115F, if I remember correctly. I tapped into one of the wires that feed the lights and the rest of the wires go through the cabinetry above the fridge. The fans turn on about a 1/2 minute after the furnace goes on and turn off about 5 minutes after it goes off and the exhaust tube cools.

On edit: I had thought about adding a manual switch for the case I need the AC air delivered there, but that may or may not be done, depending on our future needs.

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