Dog freindly camp sites?

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Dog freindly camp sites?

Anyone out there in Scamp land have experience traveling with your dog?

I looked at the web site Bring Fido and that lists hotels and restaurants in varied communities that dogs are welcome, but no camp ground listings.

With a small dog < 13 lbs. I assume you just stop and stay and do not ask questions?
We are very responsible and always have poop bags and clean up and Esmé is very well trained.

She is a good travel companion even in a kyak...

Currently wife is working on Nose Work training.  Might be useful for propane leaks at some point?

Esmé has her own Facebook page for training and will also be "blogging" as a Scamper once we have ours.

We are like kids counting down the days to Xmas...hard to wait the reamining weeks until we can pick up our 16 footer. cheeky

Once that blog is live I can post a link if anyone is interested.

Wife maintained her jungle blog while we were working a conservation biologists based in Belize, but now after 26 years we are back in the U.S. she closed it.

Not too many jaguars in Michigan ...

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I have never traveled without

I have never traveled without a dog.  My Lily is the largest at 11 lbs and has been on the road since I first got her.  I don't have problems finding campgrounds however if you are interested in staying in RV parks that might be another story.

We like campground atmosphere so we mostly staying State Parks, Nat'l and State Forest CG's, Corps of Engineering CG's and BLM areas.  I don't like tying a dog up so I carry a collapsible fence.  I can make a yard for Lily under the awning.  It's nice to be able to just let her go in and out of the trailer as she chooses.  It gives her - her space and freedom because she is never off leash while we are out and about. 

Most campgrounds simply require the dog to be leashed and under control.  There are dogs that are prohibited from lots of campgrounds these days but they would be Pits, Rots, Dobbies, maybe Shep's etc.  You know those with bad rep's or real watchdog types.

You won't have a problem with Esme'. 

Lily says "HI"


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