Tire pressure - airing up tires?

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Tire pressure - airing up tires?

I have been going to Discount Tire to have them check and put air in the tires before a trip but that is a bit of a hassle.  Wondering if there is a recommended air compressor that I could get and do this at home. I was told the tires take 65.  Thanks

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Air compressors...

First thing to decide is whether you want a small 120 VAC plug-in, a 12 VDC portable, or one that does both (rare).  Next decide your budget and what level of quality.  Size and power won't be much of an issue if all you want is something to fill tires, so you're probably looking at relatively small units.

So I'd suggest searching somewhere like amazon for "air compressor", see what seems to fit you, and if you want, post it here for an opinion.  There's some junk to avoid, like real cheap 12 VDC compressors that typicially don't last long, and fail right when someone needs it.

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air compressor

I recommend carrying a 12 V air compressor in your vehicle all times.  If you get a slow leak, maybe you can pump the tire up and get to a place to get it fixed or to safely change it.  I bought a nice one from Northern Tool for $30-$40?   I also bought an 12 V extension cord from AutoZone so that I can reach the Scamp.    I  bought one very similar from Home Depot (~$25 Christmas special).  They had 12 V and 120 V.  I bought a 120 V for home because I always have an extension cord on the driveway, which makes it easier to fill the Scamp and our vehicles. Both compressors have a metal housing and are sturdy and can pump over 65 lbs.  I also recommend having a good tire guage because the pressure guages on compressors can be inaccurate.  Also, the tire guage can tell you quickly if you need to get the compressor out.

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Don't go cheap on air

Don't go cheap on air compressors. Some cheaper ones won't last long, plus they take forever to add air to high levels especially if there's much weight to your camper, or vehicle. Get one that will take care of both, your camper and tow vehicle. Cheaper ones either take forever to pump air in larger tires, if they can reach capacity at all. 


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Harbor Freight

I've had one of these that I got from Harbor Freight for about 5 years and use it on average maybe once a month. Works well and is quiet. If you're looking for something cheaper, HF has a 3-gallon pancake compressor or 3-gallon hotdog compressor for about half the price. But they are louder and take longer to fill with air.