Replacing the toilet seals

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Replacing the toilet seals

My seal between the toilet and the black water tank is leaking on my 88 scamp , the 2 studs coming up from the black water tank have lock nuts on them . When I went to remove the nuts the studs going into the black water tank are spinning instead of the nuts unthreading has anyone ever had this happen to them before ? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated .

Thanks Steve

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This Might Help

To get the nut off you could try this...

Get two nuts that are the same size and thread and place them at the top of the bolt which is sticking up. Then lock them together by turning them in opposite directions (tight, but not too tight). This will give you something to hold onto that will keep the bolt from spinning while you are "unscrewing" the original nut. Once the nut gets close to the two nuts you should be able to remove them and hold the bolt with a pair of needle nose pliers below the nut to keep the bolt from spinning while you finish removing the nut.

Obviously, you should replace the bolts when you re-install the toilet.

Let us know how it goes.


As Always,

Happy Scamping !!!

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I think you probably have the Sealand Toilet which Scamp used.  See if this is the manual for it.  Sealand Toilet Manual

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