Refer controls for 110v will not shut off

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Refer controls for 110v will not shut off

Ok, our first outing with the Scamp for 2015.  Trivial problem to some but not to me.  The control switch for the 110v (green switch) will not shut off and stay off. I did not know this until the start of our trip when I wanted to switch over from 110v to 12v battery.  Well the green control switch will not stay off??  I was unsure of what to heck to do now.  Here are my trivial concerns: 

1) With Green switch still in the on position circut which still does still allow 110v power to refer.  Will the (RED) switch for 12v override the green switch and let the battery control the working of the refer?

2) Scamp says you have to run down the road with 12v power on for the refer?

3)  On my 1985 Class C camper I (Always run down the road with LP gas ON) for 12 years now!  Never lost the pilot light to the refer as we run down the road either.  With Scamp I had to do a modification, using Aluminum Tape as explained in our trip posted that we took to Alaska last year on the SOI board as the refer LP gas pilot would blow out all the time when on the road or in windy days just sitting in a campsite with no electric.  Well this modification to keep my gas running going down the road and not lose my food in the refer worked for us.  

4) For this weeks trip I choose to turn on the gas and run down the road with the green switch still in the ON position and chose to turn on the LP Gas as well.   I had no choice, we did not want to lose our foods etc.  Anyhow maybe I am the only one to ever have the problem and did have it and now I am asking you guys with all this previous solutions on your scamps as to what I should be worried about having done as I did.  Did the LP Gas control override the inner control of the switches when I turned on the gas?  Could I have caused a short when I connected up to shore power again with the gas on too and had and explosion with both the (LP Gas and Green 110 Power controls on)??

Here is still photo and hopefully video proving what I say is happening did do just that.