Rear hitch receptor weight max?

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Rear hitch receptor weight max?

I have a 2015 13ft w/bath that has a hitch receptor welded on the back.  I've read you don't want to put your bike rack back there, but what is is useful for?  Could I put a hitch cargo carrier back there to carry extra water?  If I filled 2 6 gallon buckets that would be about 100 lbs.  Harbor Freight has a small carrier rated to haul 300 lbs that weighs 28 lbs.  I know adding weight to the back affects my tongue weight and can contribute to sway.  Would this be too much weight to put on the back?  Our tv is  a 2015 Outback, tow capacity 2,700 lbs, tongue weight capacity 200 lbs.  

We just came back from a 2 night boondocking and we had to go out for more water.  When we dumped, the black & grey tanks were pretty full.  I'd like to be able to do more extended boondocking, but the tanks are so small!  If I bought a 15 gallon auxiliary waste tank, I could carry water on the way in and waste on the way out.  Am I wishful thinking, or should we just haul more water in the Subie and bring the camp potty & wag bags from our teardrop days?

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We use ours for the two mountain  bikes with no issue but we cross ty them to the bumper for stability and reduce tendency to induce sway . the reality is than every pound you add to the bumper is removed from the tongue weight. the 80 lb of bikes and rack removed almost 75 lb from the tongue. So we transfer a similar amount to the floor up near the bath wall or bunk wall  not enough tongue weight is a terrible condition. and we maintain around 10% of the estimated trailer weight to be safe. we use a bathroom scale and 16 inch long 4x4 under the tongue with the wheels securely chaulked so no movement You will be surprised how even the 12 gal fresh tank changes the tongue weight and stability. It is really worth the scale exercise. and write it down for future reference. 

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10 - 15%

Check the weights before and after the addition. Most rigs tow best with about 10 - 15 % of the total weight on the ball.

My 16' is just under 10% but tows fine behind the f150.