OLD Scamp?

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OLD Scamp?

I have come across this which seems like a Scamp, but not like any Scamp I have ever seen before.  I am wondering if it could be a very early one?

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A Boler??

Didn't Boler make a nearly identical trailer but with a Fiberglass floor instead of wood?  

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uhaul maybe.  water power etc

uhaul maybe.  water power etc are on the wrong side to be a scamp.  windows not right either.

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I can't help but...

The identifier will be the door hard ware, windows, and the tail lights. Can you post a picture of those items.(not a Scamp). There were many almost Scamps and sellers often call them Scamps to sell them.


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more photos coming

The Uhaul had a seam down the middle and tail lights molded in.  I know nothing about the Boler.  I am suppose to get more photos soon of the interior.  The trailer is over 600 miles away.

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Several Possibles

Could be a number of makes of trailer.

Hinges on door appear to be Scamp hardware. Windows appear to be after market replacements of whatever was there originally. That medallion to the left of the door should give some clues. Power cord port is wrong location for Scamp. Bag awning is after market. Definitely, not a Uhaul, they have vertical center seam. There appears to be a bump out on front window, but can't see it for sure. 

Maybe an early Casita? A Scamp knock off brand? We do need more pics, but looks like many after-market changes so may not totally be telling to see tail lights etc.

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Is this a scamp?

Looks just like my 73, I'd tag on right of tongue


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I vote Scamp

In the mid 70's Scamp was using those types of windows with different configurations. Like Vanscamp suggested check the top of the right frame rail for a Scamp serial # and date stamp. I had a mid 70's Scamp that came from the factory with square tail lights.