Fresh Water Tank

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Fresh Water Tank

I continue to have several issues regarding my Fresh water system (Not the city water, but the onboard fresh water system)

1)  There is an inline water filter between my fresh water tank and the 12v pump.  This is a source of leaks.  I have changed the clear plastic bown and black O ring but i still get a leak.  Does any one else have this issue?  any solutions that anybody can give me.  I have placed a small plastic cup under the filter that will catch the water, but it is a constant agrivation to continuously dump this.

2)  it seems that the holding tank seens to siphon the water from the fresh water tank,  i have found my holding tank full when I have bearly used the toilet.  I have changed the fresh water valve (under the foot flusher) but that hasnt seemed to solve the problem.  Any pointers?

Thanks,,, Don

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Fresh water leak...

For problem #1 it may be worth replacing the filter.  Maybe it's a flaw in the sealing surface, or maybe it's not even the o-ring seal.

For #2 (pun intended), it sounds like the black tank is filling while the fresh tank lowers.  The only possibility (unless you've added something like a bidet) is the flush valve -- and that would fill the toilet bowl unless it doesn't have a good seal.  Do you have tank level monitors?