F150 5.5 ft bed with Scamp 19

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F150 5.5 ft bed with Scamp 19

Good morning....

Thanks for the admit.  I'm trying to be a new owner of a 2017 19' Deluxe.  Anyone towing with the F150 5.5 foot bed and can you post a picture of rail installation?

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I mounted the hitch rails

I mounted the hitch rails myself, but not on an F150, but on a 2013 Tacoma. Are you planning to do it yourself or have it done by a trailer shop? I once went to a shop in Vermont that sells various horse and other kinds of trailers and they did not care to take the job. I posted the details on the other forum and other people did as well. There must be some people who have done this, F150 being so popular.  Good luck.

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We used a standard set of

We used a standard set of rails from curt. We had a shop install them and the kit they used was made for the f150. I think the brackets make sure the rails are positioned over the axle. 

If you go on etrailer you can find a couple of different kits for your vehicle if you want to do it yourself. They have good installation videos to help you out.