2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L towing Scamp 16

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2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L towing Scamp 16

Hey guys, recently got a Scamp 16 (layout 4) and I wanted to post about my experience towing it with a 2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L in hopes that it will help someone in the future.

Vehicle: 2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L with factory tow package (tow limit is 3000 pounds, unless you have touring or elite which is 3500 pounds). This tow limit is with up to 5 occupants per the Honda manual. If you go to 6 occupants, the limit drops to 2000 pounds.

Mileage: 22 mpg (without trailer), 15 mpg with trailer

Weight of Scamp 16, layout 4 is 2137 pounds

Modifications: I went to a local aftermarkets installer (not uhaul) for them to remove my 4 pin connector and install a 7-way. Scamp provides a wiring diagram which is helpful. I also had a Tekonsha Primus IQ brake controller added at the same time. I set the brake controller to a setting of 10.

Anti-Sway Bar from Scamp was approx $250. Of course, I brought the wrong hitch when I went to pick up the Scamp but luckily they had one in their parts department for $73.

Overall impressions: Towing the Scamp 16 with a Honda Odyssey was a breeze. Not sure if it was the anti-sway bar but I did not notice any sway on my 18 hour trip back. I have never towed before so I went with a friend and he commented on how smooth the trailer was tracking. I accidently set the brake controller to a higher setting initially that after some troubleshooting we got adjusted correctly. I'll need to go back to my aftermarkets installer as the 7-way is sitting a little low to the ground and I did scrape it while coming out of a gas station. Very happy about my towing experience!

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Towing with a Jeep Cherokee

We have a standard Jeep Cherokee 2017 with a hitch added in 2022 and tow a 13 ft deluxe.  We've been though hail, snow, and wind with rain with no issues - no sway, she rides beautifully!  We had some issues with the brake at first, but I adjusted it and everything runs perfectly.  Our car is rated for 2000 lbs, the Sacmp is about 1600 lbs.  I'm a former backpacker, so limiting weight comes easily!