Cook Top Removal

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Cook Top Removal

I'd like to remove the cook top and use the space for storage. Has anyone done this? My idea is to cap off the propone T in the compartment by the refrigerator controls and pull the copper line out to re-install later if needed. If anyone has done this I would appreciate hearing how you did it and what size/type cap you used and how you got the copper pipe out intact.


Thanks, Pat

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Love the Cooktop

No, sorry.  Have not done this project you are considering.  Doesn't seem like it would add much storage for the amount of work it would be. We love the cooktop.  It may be an unusual modification but hopefully someone will have some input for you.

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we just bought a big cutting

we just bought a big cutting board that has legs, we place it over the stove and that makes it useable space without modifying anything (in case we sell later).

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Stove removal

I did this project in 2005 when I rehabbed our 1981 Scamp 13. We always cooked with an outdoor kitchen and never used the stove, so reclaimed the counter space. Sorry, took me a bit to find the old pics, I think this remodel was posted on here years ago, but easier to just put these pics up.

I just ran a whole new gas line to the refrigerator to eliminate any unnecessary connections that could potentially leak. Yes, that is a Chalkboard replacing the refrigerator panel. We loved the finished mod, and it didn't affect our resale at all.

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