Dual Batteries

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Dual Batteries

The only thing I couldn't order from Scamp was dual batteries. They seem to prefer keeping the tongue weight down for smaller TVs. I've always had 2 batteries for double the capacity on all my past trailers and the added tongue weight isn't an issue for me. I haven't found many owners on here discussing this or seemingly interested. I think dual batteries and solar panels combined with today's LEDs really provide a fantastic off grid capability. The difference going from a Group 24 to a Group 27 battery isn't nearly the gain in doubling the battery no matter which size it is...

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I am going to get a second

I am going to get a second battery as a spare and swap it when the first runs out. I will keep it in the bed of the truck. I have a shell to keep things dry. I will get a battery box for it too. My dad does the same thing with his camper. We both have good tow ratings so don't have to worry about 40 extra pounds.

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Second Battery

I have a second battery (AGM) in a box in the back of my SUV.  It is wired to the trailer charging circuit so it charges any time I drive and shares its capacity with the trailer battery when camping and connected.  It has the added advantage of recharging if we drive away from camp and sharing that new power when we return and reconnect.

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I'm setting up dual 6v in

I'm setting up dual 6v in series. (no solar, for now at least). The challenge is fitting them behind the dual propane tanks. There's like 10" there and my knuckles want to bang the tank when I crank the tongue jack. The BIG challenge, however, is mounting the rails for the battery box. I just keep reminding myself I'll have a lot of Ah.