Bunk rail PCV safety question

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Bunk rail PCV safety question

We are going to make the bunk rail from PCV as others have done, so grandchild does not roll off top bunk. My question is, how are the two stock poles secured to the top bunk? The 2 screws that the poles slide onto seem flimsy and short. I am wondering if grandchild rolls into the PCV rail, it will just push the bunk poles away from the bunk and the bunk will collapse? Have you modified those screws to something more substantial?

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great question, yes i took

great question, yes i took some leftover metal brackets from light fixture housings, like the below Lowe's link.  I screwed that up into the bunk, then bent that metal up, this way the bunk isn't reliant on the screw and that little metal hoop on the rod to hold it in.  the metal covers that whole hoop and the bunk.  there is no way it's collapsing.  the bunks are permanently in the bunk position now.  as far as the bottom of the post, well the weight on the bunks keeps that in the fitted hole.  


for the bunk rail, the regulation (please double check) i believe is 6" from the top of the mattress to the bottom of the rail.  I used PVC straight pipes and went off the rods to extend upward.  i then got 2 elbows of 90 degress and used another straight to connect them.  i found that by adding the rail it added more stability to the rods (they won't move now or wiggle around).  this will help with the rigidity of the bunks as well in them not moving in addition to the first part i talked about.



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PVC Bunk Rails

That is an easy one. Three feet of PVC across the top with 90s pointing down.  Two lengths one foot long going down to two 90s pointing to the front.  Two more lengths two feet long traveling forward with caps on them, that goes under the cushion..  Once the child is up there the Rail is slid in under him.  To let him down, the Rail is slid out.  The child's weight on the cushion keeps it from tipping and him in place.  The cushion would smoth out the pipes under him.  One inch PVC would be plenty good.  one could make it with pins locking it together so it could be taken apart for easy storage.

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On the side bed

I use one on the side bed, it is not much more than a reminder that I am to the edge. I have also found that it is useful for keeping my solar panel and other stored items on the bed.