Spring Gathering - Formerly Scamp Camp Far West

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Spring Gathering - Formerly Scamp Camp Far West

Announcing our Spring Group Gathering (Formerly Scamp Camp Far West)

Dates:  June 10 -14, 2021

Destination:  Davis Creek Regional Park,  Washoe County, Nevada

Molded Fiberglass Friends,

It has been way too hard to find camping in California,  and with the California restrictions campgrounds have been open and closed, not to mention how the private campgrounds have now gone up to $45 + a night. So Mike and Patti found us Pine Trees, Open Campground, and $25 a night! Yay Mike and Patti! They are now officially Earls 3 and 4!

Three things  to note.....

1) It's  not in California but it is close by in Nevada,

Located 20 miles south of Reno, this year-round recreational destination includes over 200 acres of pine and sage desert nestled against Slide Mountain on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Outdoor recreational opportunities include a campground with hot showers, scenic picnic areas surrounding a small fishing pond, hiking trails, an equestrian friendly trailhead, two rentable group camping areas, a large rentable group picnic area, an outdoor amphitheater and various interpretive programs. Be prepared for outstanding views of Washoe Lake and Slide Mountain while visiting Davis Creek Regional Park." There is also a horseshoe pit, water spigots,  dump station and the Alpine Horn Players perform on Sunday at 4:30, Bowers Mansion, and who knows what else is there to discover!

2) It's in June and not May, (between the California and Oregon rally's, June was the only month without a rally, and there might be too much snow still in May since it is up 6,000 feet, and - - -

3) There are no hookups but there are water spigots, bathrooms, hot showers, plenty of hiking trails, possible water and fishing, and more.

You need to make your own reservations and will need to register to get a log in to reserve a spot.

There are 60 some  sites available here but they are not saved for us.

There is a South Loop and a North Loop.

This is a popular park and spots will go quickly, so act fast!

Go sign up and get a spot! Here is the link to the park:      Davis Creek Regional Park

Here is a link to the registration and sign in:   


As always, please let us know where you reserved with your name, city, trailer.

Questions,  Comments, Reservations made: Contact JLynn Manley at:



*Earl's 1-4*

JLynn Manley 

Wendy Gibson 

Mike Chastain

Patti Chastain