Getting a Scamp at age 70

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Getting a Scamp at age 70

I am getting ready to put down my $500 for a new 5th wheel Scamp. Scamp told me yesterday they are sold out to 25 months from now.  So I'll be 70 when I get it.  I'm wondering if there is anyone on this forum who got their Scamp at age 70 or is still using their Scamp at age 70. If so how, if at all, does being between 70 and 80 affect the experience of traveling, setting up and camping with a Scamp?

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I have a 16' and will never see seventy again. More people need to plan ahead.with the current used asking price it could be good to get an order in ahead of time.

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Camping older guy style


I'm 71 and my wife is 69, we have a 2016 Scamp 13.  We stopped by the factory in August to get our gray water tank replaced.  By the time we left the factory, we had a 2023 13' Deluxe with a front dinette on order.  It will be ready for us a few months after our 50th wedding anniversary.  God willing, we will celebrate our anniversary and enjoy our new camper. Enjoy your new Scamp, it's worth the wait.

We now travel at a slower pace, no more than 400 miles a day.  We take less and less stuff with us.  We take more breaks.     If there is something that we want to stop and look at, we do.  We avoid unhitching and leveling the camper whenever it's practical.  We simply are trying to make our lives simpler and enjoy each others company.

BobH.    one of the Scamper Campers


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Thank you Bob

Your posting inspires me! Thank you for sharing. It helps me know how to simplify and what to look forward to. 

Heather in NC 

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Scamps really hold their

Scamps really hold their value, so you might consider "investing" in a used one and have fun for a couple years while the new one is in the queue.  Much of what you accumulate for the trailer over that two years can transfer over, including the experience.

Below is from  Note the drop-off in ownership for last two age groups (65-74 and 75+) compared with the others.  My bet is that usage actually drops first, then ownership.

Here’s a breakdown of RV ownership rates among Americans by age group, according to RVIA:

  • 18-34 (4.9%)
  • 35-44 (11%)
  • 45-54 (11.4%)
  • 55-64 (11.1%)
  • 65-74 (8.8%)
  • 75+ (5.5%)
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Great info Mr. T.

I appreciate your sharing the stats breakdown. Very interesting. 


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Scamp at 70

We got a new 13 at 73 and we are 78 now. Made three trips across the country with no problems.. Towing is fine if you obey the  speed limits. Not much physical labor to use it either.  Stay healthy and enjoy your Scamp.

bill & valerie 2016 13' 2017 Kia Sorento EX V6, AWD

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We got our new Scamp 13 when I was 77. I'm 83 now, my wife is 79 and we still enjoy our Scamp very much. Do as much as you can while you can! Keep moving!

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S-19 older owner issues

First is fact, you will always need to own a reliable pick up for traveling. In some cases it will mean owning two vehicles. Also with todays newer high bed sided pick up's this can limit your choices of trucks for towing a S-19. I have owned two standard S-19's. With a bad knee getting into the front bed became an issue. I built and installed steps to get into upper bed. The trailer lives where it is unhitched. With standard trailers on concrete they can be moved around with a dolly. This is helpful if stored in a garage. Another storage issue is additional height of building is needed if your S-19 is stored inside. If you decide to sell your S-19 you are limited to interested buyers who own pick ups. Last point. The best suited tow vehicles are mid size pick ups, there are no factory available hitches so a custom hitch install is required (More $$ and issues.) 

We decided to down size our trailer and go with a 5K tow rated SUV. Full disclosure, I still have an older beater pick up that I can live without. No payments,cheaper liability insurance and low taxes on the pickup truck. This is what works for me, YMMV. 


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I bought a 1999 Standard

I bought a 1999 Standard Scamp 19' before I retired but getting into the bunk became an issue, so we traded it for a 2019 19' Airstream FLYING CLOUD. This spring a gust of wind caught the trailer and rolled the trailer and pickup. I ordered a new Scamp 19' Deluxe with a May 2023 delivery date. I kept looking for a used Scamp 19' Deluxe. On Labor Day, I found a 2020, with all of the options that I wanted. We have been traveling with the new Scamp, and learning about living in a Scamp again. 

I really like towing a fifth wheel/Goose Neck. It feels more stable with the hitch located in the bed rather than hanging off the rear bumper. 

2020 Scamp 19’ Deluxe, 2021 Nissan Frontier Pro4X

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Flying cloud alright, i'm just glad to see you're here to tell the tale