1970 13' Scamp Broken frame

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1970 13' Scamp Broken frame


I have had my 13' scamp trailer from the 70s for about two years now and and it looks like the frame on both sides near the axel is cracked and has some serious area loss.  I got a new axel about a year ago while I was on my roadtrip but wasnt aware of any frame issue. 

looking at the back of the scamp the left side (drivers side) is significantly lower than the right.   The left wheel is very close to rubbing on the fiberglass and this area also has some cracks in the fiber glass.  

The front door area also has some significant cracks and is sagging as well. 

I had a trailer repair person come out and take a look and they said they thought the metal was too thin to make welding a new "frame" be a good long term repair and he suggested I just move on from this trailer and get something newer :( 

I love this scamp and have put alot of hard work in getting it to this point so id like to make the repairs but also dont want to keep putting money into something that isnt safe for the road.

Any advice on how to move forward with repairs or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks you! 

Right side of scamp

right side frame crack 

Left side frame crack 

left side wheel weel fiberglass cracking

close up of crack


door cracks



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Sagging door

We have owned our 1974 13' SCAMP since 1975.  Based on experience(!), I can tell you that the sagging door is a common problem, as are stress cracks in the fiberglass (typically more cosmetic than structural).  So I think those issues may be separate from your "rotting" frame (although they may be exacerbated by an unstable frame).  I do think you have a frame problem. 

We live in Rochester, NY and these cracks/holes look to me like typical rusted areas due to salted roads. We owned a utility trailer that developed frame rot (like I see in your photos).  A local welder was able to bridge those areas with new steel. (I do not know if that would be possible on the underside of the SCAMP.   It might be necessary to remove the body first.)


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For the age of your trailer the fiberglass looks fairly good around the door area. Looks like mainly stress cracks in the gel coat and may not be structural.  and mostly cosmetic.  The frame is a bit scarier. And either require adding steel all the way out/up to solid tubing is found or removing the steel tubing and replacing. But all the tubing is solidly up against the sealed wooden floor and fire is a real concern.   Anything can be done with enough time and money.  Have you asked the service people at Evelands of the  viability of repair or replacement. Would not hurt to ask.  

2019 Scamp 13 standard

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Scamp frame

The earlier Scamps frames had thinner metal than the newer trailers. Scamp will (or at one time) sell a frame and axle. The frames have not really changed except the turned the axle around on on the newer 13's. If your floors are in good shape they can be swapped out but it is quite a job. Just keep in mind when pricing a frame from scamp the cost of the new axle. Others have built their own new frames and one person had an aluminum frame made. Slim Potato Head had the factory swap the frame out on his Trillium Outback at the factory and has a video out on it. Scamp has a drop floor which complicates the floor swap quite a bit. 

I just rewired my house and swapping a Scamp frame is kind of like what I did. It took a long time, it was a nasty and a fairly expensive job. When I finished you could not see that anything was done to the house You just have the satisfaction the job was done right and you are safer.

You have to make the decision to spend the money or cut your losses. Swapping a trailer frame today makes more since than a couple of years ago with the recent increase in trailer prices.


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Trailer Frame

I agree with all the points above and would definitely start with a call to Scamp Trailers to see what they can offer.

Definitely would be a frame off deal to repair, and I'd put a totally new frame under her since you are there anyway. If Scamp can't offer a new frame, a fabricator could probably work one up copying the existing and move your new axle over.

As Eddie says, lots of work, but the way the prices are right now you could recoup if you sold. Since you love the trailer, you could recoup in many more years of service.

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thanks for all the replies

thanks for all the replies and suggestions!  Having a hard time finding a welder in the Tampa Bay area willing to work on the frame with the scamp still attached. 

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Trailer frame

Hi Shannon.  did you have work done on your frame, or did you get a new frame?  We just bought a 1980 Scamp (16 ft) and the frame is quite compromised. Our welder says a new frame is in order.  We are taking it to a trailer shop to see what they say.  Any advice that you can pass along to us would be greatly appreciated.  Ken and Nancy