Looking for 13' Scamp with Bathroom and Fridge

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Looking for 13' Scamp with Bathroom and Fridge


I've decided recently that I wanted to try to live in my own camper and, after a bunch of research, I decided on a Scamp. I've been looking for the past couple of months, but with no luck. I'm currently a full-time cake decorator, enrolled in school, nothing crazy. But, if you'd like a background check, I'm willing to go through with it!

I'm living in Northeast Tennessee. So I am willing to drive to Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia. Maybe even Georgia! I do need one with a bathroom and a fridge. I don't care about age, but I definitely want one in pretty good condition. I'm willing to go up to $12,000!

If you have one fitting this description, please private message me with pictures. Then, we can talk price and pick-up!

Thank you in advance! :)