Best places/websites to sell Scamp

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Best places/websites to sell Scamp

Hi.  Other than here on SOI, where have people found good places/website to sell their used Scamp?

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Sell on our Sister Site

For 15+ years our Selling website has been the top resource for buying and selling molded fiberglass trailers.

The site has always provided a very targeted audience for molded fiberglass and not as subject to "I'll trade ya for" offers you have to sort through on other venues. Also, the sold archives allows buyer and sellers much better accuracy for pricing. Scam ads are very thoroughly pursued and lot's of info to assist buyers/sellers in how to complete transactions, etc.

We also provide assistance with both listing and selling if needed.

Our Trailers:
2015 19 Escape

Buying or Selling Molded FG Trailers:


scamp01 (not verified)
I found mine on craigslist. I

I found mine on craigslist. I do think you have to be careful of scams though.