1981 Scamp 13ft For Sale

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1981 Scamp 13ft For Sale

1981 Scamp 13’ Travel Trailer – PRICE REDUCED to $11,000 - Texas

Older trailer but in very good condition.  Located near Tolar, TX  76476 (Dallas/Ft. Worth vicinity) (slowe210@protonmail.com).  Floors are solid.  Has the front bunk-bed configuration.  Has the jalousie windows.  Interior covered in Ensolite (Elephant Skin).  Has portable toilet that fits in the front bunk storage space.  Interior under-bunk storage front and back.  Has a fresh-water tank with sink hand-pump as well as city-water hook-up faucet. No grey or black water tanks. New AC only Air Conditioning unit installed in closet space w/drip pan and drain hose.  Suburban propane furnace with electric start.  AC Microwave in closet.  New AC-only Mini-refrigerator.  New Cigarette lighter/USB Charging Station with volt meter.  New Escape-Hatch style manual vent.  7 Pin electric trailer connection.  Fits a 1 7/8” ball hitch.


  • Has a few exterior cosmetic issues that can be repaired reasonably easily (Some gel-coat thinning, a few small gouges & spider cracks, bare rivets with silicone instead of snap-caps, etc) - see photos).  None affect the use or serviceability of the trailer, and are repairable.
  • Propane stove works, but has some cosmetic issues and needs to be secured better.
  • Has the original carpet, foam cushions w/vintage covers, and storage doors.  All are serviceable but a bit dated.
  • Table top is serviceable but worn around the edges.
  • Door has the typical older Scamp sag, but it does latch.
  • Door has the typical older Scamp door bottom straightening issue and does not meet the door frame at the bottom by about a 1/2 inch.  It is not waterlogged.
  • Interior “Elephant Skin” joints are missing some of the stick-on foam joint coverings.


  • Has a new 5-lug torsion axle with electric brakes.
  • Has a new 2” tube-steel lift added.
  • Has 3 new 5-lug wheels and tires (main 2 plus spare).
  • Has new front & rear window gaskets.  No leaks.
  • Has a new Scamp spare tire cover.
  • Has a one-year old 12 volt deep-cycle battery in a new battery box.
  • Has a new 12 volt charging station (cigarette lighter type, USB, volt meter)
  • Has a new rooftop Escape Hatch manual vent.
  • Has a new Powermax PPC-30-35LK Power Converter with Panel (12 volt DC and 120 volt AC fuses).
  • Has a new exterior 120 Volt removable twist-lock power plug & socket.
  • Has 2 new exterior 12 volt lights with interior switches.
  • Has a new 120 volt AC only Hisense mini-refrigerator.
  • Has a new 120 volt AC only Rival 700 Watt Microwave Oven.
  • Has a new 120 volt AC only Toshiba 5000 BTU Air Conditioner.
  • Has a new furnace thermostat.
  • Has new entry door hinges.
  • Has new rock shield hardware.
  • Has new curtain rods and new home-sewn curtains.
  • Has a new trailer break-away brake activator switch.