13' Scamp Parts Wanted

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13' Scamp Parts Wanted

13' Scamp parts wanted.  I had a jack knife incident.  I need the front right corner from the belly band down, and from the front door post to 1/4 to half way across the front.  Also need the front bench.  I will come and get it if you are 600 miles of Pittsburgh, PA.  Or otherwise ask you to ship by truck. I may consider buying a junk 13 foot Scamp for parts.

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whg.photog@yahoo.com(link sends e-mail)

304 780-6345


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How about 900 miles??
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Sorry to hear of your accident. Sounds like a significant project. Good luck and maybe share some pictures along the way

2019 Scamp 13 standard

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Elephant Hide?

Does anyone know of a replacement for Elephant hide?  And an easy way of removing it?  I have some damaged areas that need replacing.  The factory is only offering Rat Fur.

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When you say damaged areas could you explain further? The hide paints up really nice, and I use Zinser perma white when I do the hide. You can caulk the seams instead of the seam tape and copy the texture so they all but disappear. I love the hide, but if it's badly torn, etc. then I'd look for options.

Marine liner products would be where I'd look as that is where the rat fur came from. Marine is designed for rougher environments.

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Elephant Hide

You  can repair it as Greg described. You can remove it from the shell with a smooth blade multi tool. You can harvest some from under the sink or back of the closet and then replace it with reflectix in the enclosed area. If the foam on the patch is not intact the patch will be noticeable. Attach it using spray glue or hot glue for small areas or edges.


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Hot knife to remove Elephant Hide?

Thanks for the info.  My Scamp has a different covering in the cabinets then on the walls and ceiling.  It is a smooth ivory color, and seems to be more heavy.

I have ordered a hot knife to try to remove the Elephant hide without damaging it.  The knife looks like a soldering iron but has a blade holder which holds single edged blades.  I want to try the reuse as much of the hide as I can.  I need to loosen the right front corner up to the belly band.  I'm hoping it will make the adhesive come lose without damaging the Elephant hide.

Has anyone separated the body shell at the belly band?  I'm wondering if there is an adhesive, between the halves, and/or just the band of fiberglass and risen over the seam on the inside.  

This need to repair the Scamp has shown me how well its construction is thought out.  There are things that could be better, but it uses the minimum of materials to make a low weight trailer.  The one mistake the factory uses in it's manufacturing, is coating the wood with polyester resin.  The resin draws in moisture, and causes the wood to root.  If they were to use a good epoxy primer on the wood first, the wood would not root under the resin.  The reason I had so much damage was because the wood floor had rooted under the polyester resin that connects it to the shell.  Epoxy Resin does not draw in moisture.