Scamp Painting

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Scamp Painting

I have a 1984 Scamp that we are just starting to do some work on. I have been watching lots of videos of remods but it's hard to tell sometimes if people are painting them or not. Some look pretty white, to begin with. Mine don't they are more of a beige color. I have been thinking about painting but not sure how it will hold up. I really like the clean look of the white cabinets. Any suggestions on painting the cabinets? 

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Painting Scamps

Yes, FG can be painted and many have. Any Marine or Auto Body shop that does boats/corvettes can give you an estimate. (Probably won't like it) wink

Those hobbyists that have successfully painted themselves have used Marine paint with rollers. Not perfect, but it comes out decent because the Marine paint will settle after application making it smooth out.

Same on cabinets, use marine paint and rollers.

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