Looking For A 13 or 16 FT Scamp

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Looking For A 13 or 16 FT Scamp

I am a disabled veteran and I am looking for a 13 or 16 ft scamp trailer or a fiberglass camper. I will mainly be boondocking so the layout is not really a concern. I have traveled the world but have never really had the time to see alot of it as I was tied up with other duties. I want to travel the U.S. and I will be doing videos and post on platforms like YouTube. 

The problem I have is the funds to buy one. I am not here looking for a handout but a hand up. If someone has one in the Georgia area that would help me out by letting me make payments it would be greatly appreciated. I am asking as all people can say is "NO" and that is totally understandable. I hope everyone has a wonderful night! Thanks!