Having condensation issues and "Winter is coming!"

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Having condensation issues and "Winter is coming!"

I have a new-to-me 2000 13' Scamp that, with the temps dropping below freezing most nights, has condensation collecting inside the windows and the hatch lid.  I have two containers of DampRid that don't seem to be doing anything.  Do I need to run a dehumidifier or a heater (or both) during the winter?  Should there be a slightly opened window for ventilation or seal that puppy up as tight as can be?  I'm sensitive to mold and mildew so I really want to stay on top of this.  Thank you!

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A small electric countertop dehumidifier is working good on ours.  It requires AC power, but our Scamp is plugged-in during storage anyway.  The dehumidifier also needs to have the collected water dumped every two-four weeks, or it shuts off.

The trailer isn't air tight and will breathe a bit, so I wouldn't leave a window cracked open.  Heating the interior up and drying it out for a while before storage might help.

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The only time our Scamp is closed up tight is when we are traveling. When we are camping or when it is parked for the winter, with a cover on, we keep windows open. Even when camping in cold weather with the furnace on we have a couple windows cracked open. The two side windows and the window by the stove can be open an inch or so without letting rain in. My opinion is, the more ventilation the better. Keeps our trailer nice and fresh inside.

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I hate to ask this,

but did you remove the seal? I recently watched a nomad video that said damprid did nothing. He had never removed the seal from the pail. I use 2 in my 16 foot Scamp and get a lot of liquid by spring. I do keep the windows shut all winter. it is in a round top shelter in Wisconsin.. If you have electricity there are some good small de humidifiers and that may be cheaper than damp rid in the long run but they will freeze in an unheated area.