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We have sold our 2017 13-Foot to friends, so will bow out of the group. We had great fun, traveled almost everywhere we had wanted to and loved the interaction with other Scamp owners.  We are changing directions now, however, and will focus more on international travel and urban trips to be with our kids/grandkids.

Thanks for everything and don't be surprised if I honk and wave whenever I see a Scamp go by.

Clyde and Cecile Bentley

Columbia, Missouri

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Via con dios!

Adventure awaits in this new chapter!


Greg A
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Not Goodbye

Clyde and Cecile,

Thanks for being a part of SOI!
You don't need to say Goodbye, keep us posted on your new adventures and drop in once in awhile. One never knows, you may be back to molded FG. It's infectious once you've had one, and soon you may have another.

Safe travels

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