Charging your Scamp Battery

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Charging your Scamp Battery

How do you all keep your battery charged when camping off grid ? 

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i don't camp off grid but

i don't camp off grid but everyone i've seen does their charging with a solar panel.

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45 watts of solar

The few times we are off grid this year we took a set of solar cells totaling 45 watts. They are a nuisance to keep pointed directly at the sun thru the day but if we do we never had a issue. Obviously one is limited to available power

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solar for boondocking

I have a 200w portable solar suitcase for when off grid. I started off using a 100 w panel. It was pretty good for keeping up with our daily use. We almost always camp in the shoulder seasons when the sun isn't at its prime for charging. and the panel output is lower. The problem I ran into was after a couple of days with no solar gain, the 100 watt wasn't able to catch up to a full charge. 200 watt might be overkill for most people but I am good with that.

I also carry a generator but I prefer not to use it except for times when I cannot solar charge. Snowy/cold weather have been the only times that I have used it. I don't care for the noise or to bother other campers with the noise. It is very quiet but it is still a noise that I try to keep to an absolute minimum. On my last 3 week long trip I did not even start it up. I did get exercise lifting it in and out of the truck.



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New here; but, would like to comment

Bought used 2014 Scamp Layout 6 about two years ago and treated myself to the Jackery 1000 with two 100 watt solar panels.  Very pleased/impressed with the Jackery.  Keeps Scamp lead acid battery at 13.6V and lasts thru 2 -3 days of no sunshine.  Also jump started 2 vehicles for fellow campers.  I totally agree with Wayne's comments above and carry a generator that is seldom used; but, does give me some exercise lifting it in and out.  Boondock most of the time.  Love my Scamp!  Only one minor leak from a loose rivet & cap which was easily fixed with help from SOI Maintenance page.  Thanks! 

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